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Snoop Dogg x Metaverse: An Insane Combination

Yayın RAIN EDITORIAL TEAM - Jun 06, 7:00 PM

The metaverse has attracted tens of thousands of individuals, including globally renowned celebrities of all kinds. Famous rapper and musician Snoop Dogg is among the most active popular persons in the field, as he dove straight into the virtual estate and item markets of numerous digital realities—in this article, we’ll explore how he did so, while discovering the worlds he joined in detail. 

Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Ventures

Snoop Dogg showed the first clear signs of supporting various Web 3.0 elements, like NFTs, conventional crypto tokens, and the idea of decentralized virtual realities, in September 2021, when he seemingly joined The Sandbox and started collecting NFTs. Fast forward to mid 2022, and Snoop has not only managed to amass an estimated $17M worth of NFTs to his name, but also launched his very own virtual world, Snoopverse. The rapper is clearly a believer in the longevity and future implications of such virtual items and realities, but what made him vote confidence for them? Let’s find out.

Exploring The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is the place we begin our discovery, as it is Snoop’s favorite ecosystem of the kind. The Sandbox essentially offers its users the possibility of owning, creating, trading, and using an incredible variety of virtual items that ranges from wearables and accessories to estates on plots called LAND. All the above is facilitated by an immersive, vast virtual reality that unlocks exciting opportunities for all players. 

SAND, the native crypto token of The Sandbox, is in the center of all activities, as it is used as the go-to medium of exchange within the ecosystem for all kinds of transactions.

The Sandbox and Snoopverse, Snoop Dogg’s World

Snoop Dogg tends to follow the “go big or go home” motto, and this case was no exception. He didn’t only come to be an average user, he wanted something much more than that. In cooperation with The Sandbox, Snoop launched his very own sub-world called Snoopverse, where everything was set up according to his vision. This was not an unpopular idea among other members of The Sandbox, as someone even paid more than $300,000 for the virtual LAND plot next to Snoop’s residence. Also, anyone wanting to join Snoopverse has to buy the early access pass, which will set candidates back $2,000, if any are left that is. 

Snoop Dogg seems serious about this venture, as he even shot his entire recent video clip of the song titled “House I Built” in Snoopverse. 

Ending Remarks

Overall, Snoop Dogg has proven yet again that pulling unexpected moves is the only thing we should expect from him. With his immense NFT collection and his active role in spreading and using crypto-based decentralized virtual realities, Snoop showed the world that he is ready for a new world to conquer the masses, and wants to be an integral part of spreading the word.


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