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Rain Adds Chainlink to the List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Yayın Mohamed Saber Farrag - Nov 28, 8:00 AM

Sunday November 28th 2021, Rain adds Chainlink (LINK) to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. Rain customers across all the supported countries can now buy, sell, exchange, send, receive, and store Chainlink using Rain Web or the Rain App.

Chainlink has become an increasingly popular cryptocurrency worldwide owing to the unique advantages it offers, and its addition to the list of supported cryptocurrencies on Rain has been warmly welcomed by the crypto traders.

You can read more about Chainlink’s (LINK) inception, price history and a lot more here.

If you’re new to Rain, you can create your account following a few simple steps and start trading Chainlink today.

Rain is the middle-east’s premier cryptocurrency brokerage platform, licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The platform offers trading in local currencies with bank-grade security, round the clock customer support, shariah-compliant trading policies, and a lot more.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rain at [email protected] You may also speak to a Rain support agent 24/7 through live chat for any further assistance.

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