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How is Blockchain Changing the Gaming Industry?

Yayın RAIN EDITORIAL TEAM - May 25, 7:00 PM

Blockchain technology can be easily applied in gaming due to its fluidity, and we will discuss some of those applications below.

It Makes Gaming More Secure

Cybercriminals are unable to topple a decentralized network due to the lack of servers and efficient data encryption practices.

It enables the true ownership of in-game assets

Blockchain allows the in-game assets to be owned outside of games too, in a transparent and secure way. Original digital ownership is among the fundamentals of blockchain-supported gaming because it enables gamers to exchange rare goods and profit from their achievements.

It lets players control their most liked games

Most games centered around a blockchain are decentralized and community controlled, meaning that players are the ones who decide about future updates, features, and general direction of the program.

It allows users to earn rewards while playing

Blockchain gaming is the first within the industry that lets players monetize their in-game progress and items without the involvement of any third-party.

It offers secure payments

Most blockchain-centered games use their native crypto tokens for payments, which is not only convenient and potentially lucrative from an investing standpoint, but also consistently secure as all transactions are validated and recorded using blockchain technology.


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