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Everything You Need to Know About Rain Pro

Yayın RAIN EDITORIAL TEAM - Jun 13, 7:00 PM

Rain Pro, the new advanced trading platform by Rain is launched in response to an increasing demand for safe and secure advanced trading features by our customers. The platform has a simple interface designed to provide high usability for all users. Whether you are looking for a super streamlined experience or something a little advanced, Rain Pro is designed to offer something to everyone. 

What is Rain Pro and Why Use it?

Rain Pro is a premium advanced trading platform that allows Rain customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency through an order matching system. Features like the orderbook, order types, candlestick graphs and market summary give deeper insight into the market trends so customers can make well informed decisions based on market data. 

Customers can also try out different strategies to trade with, and automate their trades, to protect themselves from loss using the stop and limit order features. Furthermore, historical price data available in market summary can help to identify major price movements with ease. 

Rain Pro customers can choose from 24 Coin Pairings for four cryptocurrencies, BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, across 6 currencies, USD, AED, BHD, OMR, SAR, KWD.

Prominent Features of Rain Pro 

Rain Pro hosts a number of prominent features which can be used by anyone regardless of whether they are new to crypto, or an experienced Rain user. 

Order Book

An order book is an electronic list which shows the recorded overview of buy and sell orders of an asset. The list gives users a detailed view of the quantity of cryptocurrency being bid on (buy orders) or offered (sell orders) at each price point. 

The Order Book offers access to two types of data: a list of buy and sell orders, and an order history of crypto assets organized by price level.

An order book can be used to:

  • Analyze how the bid and ask prices move, and what trends they are making.

  • Analyze and execute a trading strategy fast and efficiently.

  • Make informed decisions by analyzing the order book spread (a “spread” of the order book is the difference between the highest and lowest bid and ask price.)

Please note that, Rain is not an exchange in itself. The order book on Rain Pro is representative of our partner exchange(s) and orders placed on Rain Pro are routed to them.

Order Types

Multiple order types enable traders to simplify and automate their trades 24/7. The following order types can be used to apply strategies to protect losses or realize profits. 

Market Order: These orders allow the user to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the next available market price.

Limit Orders: Limit orders allow users to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specified price or better, in order to control the prices they trade. Limit orders are executed only at the limit price or a lower one.

Stop Order: Stop orders allow the user to buy or sell a cryptocurrency when its price moves past a particular point, ensuring a higher probability of achieving a predetermined entry or exit price to lock in profit or avoid loss.

Market Summary

Market summary provides a quick view of how the market is performing  and enables traders to identify major price movements with ease. A market summary can tell you about: the last trade value that was executed on the exchange, percentage change in 24h in price, total volume traded in 24h, and  the latest bid value and ask value on the order book. 

Candlestick Graphs

Candlestick graph is a visual representation of the magnitude of price movements of a specific cryptocurrency using different colors. It gives more insights into price movements, i.e. the open, and close price of the day, or the highest and lowest price of the day  along with the total trading volume of the crypto. All this information can help traders make more informed trading decisions. 

Fees applicable on Rain Pro

RainPro offers a transparent and simple fee structure along with best prices for crypto. There are two types of fee on Rain Pro.

Maker Fee: A maker fee is charged when the order placed is not immediately fulfilled on the market price. The maker fee on Rain Pro is 0%. 

Taker Fee: This fee applies when the order placed is immediately fulfilled on the current market price of the coin. Taker fee on Rain Pro is 0.25%.

How to use Rain Pro? 

To trade crypto on Rain Pro, you need to sign up for a verified account. 

If you’re new to Rain, you can create your account following a few simple steps, and start using Rain Pro. 


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