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Crypto in MENA-2

Yayın RAIN EDITORIAL TEAM - Apr 07, 7:00 PM

Large scale bitcoin miners are looking to the Middle East

Bitcoin miners operating in the US state of Texas for low electricity prices and liberal regulations on crypto mining are now turning to the Middle East. At the Bitcoin Conference held in Miami on Thursday, Mike Levitt, chief executive of Texas-based mining company Core Scientific announced that the company was looking outside the United States to diversify its locations. The MENA region is a favorable location due to the availability of energy resources and capital. More importantly, the favorable and proactive regulatory environment provides opportunities.

MENA Climate Week notes blockchain’s potential for climate action

Panelists at the recent MENA Climate Week 2022 examined how blockchain technology can contribute to green initiatives. The discussion focused on shifting regulations, technological evolution, and increasing awareness and collaboration between the blockchain and climate communities.

Survey shows Crypto Usage in the Middle East on the Rise

A survey conducted by Gemini Exchange shows crypto usage on the rise in the Middle East, with UAE being the third biggest country in terms of crypto adoption, and with 32% of the surveyed people in the Middle East planning to purchase digital assets next year. The survey also showed there to be a low adoption of crypto amongst women in the UAE with 32% compares to 43% in developing nations.

IoTeX Goes To Dubai 

Blockchain network, IoTeX Partners with Global Digital Asset Corporation (GDAC) for Dubai Foresight Initiative which aims to position Dubai as a leading city of the future

Dubai-based Café becomes first café to accept crypto

Bake N, a Dubai-based café, announced accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment powered by the Mixin Network, a decentralized network for digital asset transfer. The platform will allow the customers to pay in shiba Inu, bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, and tether.


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