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Security & Tech

Bitcoin Wallets: How to Store Bitcoin (for Beginners)

Bitcoin wallets are electronic wallets that have a private key or password. Users store their Bitcoin in their electronic wallets using a wallet app. The app automatically uses the password to sign outgoing transactions and generates the wallet addresses.

Product Updates

Rain Adds Chainlink to the List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Rain Adds Chainlink to the List of Supported Cryptocurrencies. Rain customers across all the supported countries can now buy, sell, exchange, send, receive, and store Chainlink using Rain Web or the Rain App. Read more.


Chainlink (LINK) Price History and Everything You Need to Know

Chainlink or LINK is one of the most successful decentralized currencies. Get the best Chainlink price to buy, sell, trade, and store it through Rain.

Industry Insights

Bitcoin Miners Made History in October 2021

Bitcon miners made history as they hit their second month of highest revenue in october 2021 with 1.72 billion. According to reports, this was the new second-highest revenue ever recorded.

Industry Insights

XRP Wrapped Launched for Ethereum-based DeFi

First, you may be wondering what are "Wrapped Cryptocurrencies" so let us explain. It means a cryptocurrency is wrapped into another cryptocurrency chain. Like XRP wrapped into an Ethereum chain. Tokensoft has partnered with Hex Trust and wrapped XRP into wXRP, to take a multi-custodial approach to make this cryptocurrency solid.

Trading & Investing

Rain is Giving Away $20 Worth of Bitcoin for Free

Rain is set to launch an exclusive campaign for new customers to instantly win $20 worth of bitcoin upon signing up. Learn more. 


Litecoin Price and All You Need to Know

Looking for information to buy or sell Litecoin? Rain.bh offers the best Litecoin price in the region. Start trading Litecoin today. To learn more contact [email protected]


Ethereum Price, History and Everything You Need to Know

Rain offers the best Ethereum price. Start your cryptocurrency trading portfolio through Rain - A secure and licensed cryptocurrency exchange.


Bitcoin Price History and Everything You Need to Know

Rain makes it easy to buy, sell, store, and exchange Bitcoin through a secure platform. Trade at the best bitcoin price. Read more.

Trading & Investing

Tether (USDT) is Now Available for Trading on Rain

Rain announces the launch of Tether (USDT). Users can buy, sell, store, save, send, and receive USDT in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.


Tether Price History and Everything You Need to Know

Rain offers the best Tether price (USDT) as a licensed platform for you to buy, sell, store, and exchange Tether for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. To learn more, read this article and support to assist you to get started with Tether trading on Rain.bh.


Ripple Price, XRP History and Everything You Need to Know

Want to buy, sell, send or receive, and store XRP? Rain offers all the information and assistance you need to start XRP trading. Read this to learn about Ripple (XRP) and XRP prices.

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