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Crypto in MENA-3

Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar Bin Abdullah Al Mishari expressed support for the implementation of Blockchain projects in the Kingdom as well as the possibility of allowing the utilization of cryptocurrencies.


Weekly Crypto Market Recap 4 by Rain

Like in every healthy heartbeat’s pattern, it is the ups and downs that indicate life; this is no different in the crypto market. Last week was not the best period ever in terms of price performance, but many positive events happened that actually point way beyond a mere short-term correction—you’ll find out what they are in today’s market recap.

Trading & Investing

The four principles of crypto trading for beginners

Crypto trading offers opportunities that no other asset class does, however, without proper guidance, getting started is not particularly simple. To make it a whole lot easier for the beginners out there, we collected the top four principles that should make crypto trading clear, simple, and efficient.


Three reasons why businesses are turning to cryptocurrencies

It’s not only individual investors who recognize the true potential and utility of cryptocurrencies, more and more businesses are now also turning to this novel asset class. In this article, we’ll outline the three top reasons why crypto attracts businesses, which will prove that tokenization and blockchain technology are here to stay.

Industry Insights

The ins and outs of earning passive income with DeFi

Passive is one of internet’s favorite buzzwords, yet only few people who use it actually know how to achieve it without investing unreal amounts into various conventional assets. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the key, and today, we’ll tell you how exactly you can give passive income a shot, too.

Trading & Investing

Bull vs. Bear market: What to do in either case

The crypto market is full of incredible opportunities, but frequent ups and downs can make even the most seasoned investors unsure about how to react. To help everyone make the best choice in all situations, we collected the best things to do both during a bear and bull market—the last one will surprise you.


The latest on Ripple’s case: A potential “big win” for the industry

On December 22, 2020 - The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it had filed an action against Ripple Lands Inc and two of its executives. The SEC alleged that the company had raised over $1.3 billion through unregistered ongoing digital asset security offering.


How to set financial goals - Rain Crypto Investment Diaries #1

Starting your crypto investing journey can sound intimidating at first, and many beginners actually get scared by the seemingly overwhelming amount of options and information out there. This is what we’d like to prevent, and guide you through the first few months of crypto investing to make sure that you learn all the ingredients for success—let’s begin by setting financial goals.

Industry Insights

PoW, PoS, PoA—The most popular blockchain consensus mechanisms

A blockchain is as secure as its consensus mechanism, so choosing the right one is vital for any ecosystem. In this article we’ll break down the most popular ones out there, outline their pros and cons, name a crypto project that utilizes it, and conclude which one is the most optimal solution in our view.

Trading & Investing

Top 3 Metaverse crypto assets in 2022

Metaverses have been the talk of the town recently, mostly thanks to their innovative ways of combining the power of blockchain technology and the concept of virtual reality. Locating the most promising metaverse projects can be challenging, so we summarized the top three and their native crypto tokens for you.

Industry Insights

Widely adopted NFT use cases with examples

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are vibrant and thrilling parts of the crypto world that potentially carry countless opportunities. In this article, we’ll go through the most popular NFT utilities to date, and explore why and how they contribute to the pieces’ valuation with specific examples.

Industry Insights

The 5 most valuable NFT collections to date

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are among the most popular novelties of recent times, and with good reason. These innovative digital assets combine diverse digital items with blockchain technology and crypto tokens to bring unmatched opportunities for traders, collectors, and players alike. Today, we’ll showcase the most valuable collections to date, and try to understand what made them so popular.

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