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VeeFriends NFTs: Crypto Keys to Global Networking


The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space is full of exciting projects and collections that often connect to known faces of the tech and business scene. VeeFriends is no exception—in fact, it is among the hottest NFT collections launched by entrepreneur/influencer tycoon Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuk. Read on to find out everything there is to know about VeeFriends NFTs, and why they might just be the crypto keys to ultimate global business networking.

All About VeeFriends NFTs’ Prices, Information, and History

VeeFriends is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection of 10,255 pieces of hand-drawn artwork that is made up of 100 unique types of animals. From elephants to birds, VeeFriends seems to feature it all in combination with various other traits, such as backgrounds, colors, and wearables. VeeFriends NFTs are issued and registered on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC-721 token standard which many other NFT projects comply with, too. The reason why Gary Vaynerchuk launched this collection was to create a global, exclusive community online that would serve as the go-to venue for entrepreneurs, aspiring and successful business persons, and like minded individuals in general. With VeeFriends, Gary Vee aimed to leverage blockchain technology’s security and NFTs’ verifiability to form his ultimate group of ambitious followers.

VeeFriends NFTs pricing was a tricky one, as they were auctioned off in Dutch-style, which means that each bidding started at a predetermined high price and slowly descended to the actual purchase value of 0.5 ETH. During its launch on May 11, 2021, the collection brought more than 5,000 ETH overall. As of June 2022, VeeFriends NFTs’ floor price hovers around 7 ETH a piece, with the highest sale to-date of 130 ETH. In any case, you’ll need some ETH to secure your VeeFriend or other Ethereum-based NFT. You can buy ETH on Rain with a few simple clicks.

How VeeFriends Differ From Other NFTs

VeeFriends offer exclusive perks and benefits to their owners that are connected to Gary Vaynerchuk himself in a way or another. The exciting aspect of VeeFriends is that different animals come with different advantages. For instance, Checkers Chicken titled VeeFriends will entitle their holders to play checkers with Gary for 60 minutes, while other animals will unlock other types of activities. 

Another aspect that all VeeFriends holders can benefit from is attending the highly anticipated live event called VeeCon, which is a venue centered around networking, business, entrepreneurship, and progress.

What’s Ahead for VeeFriends NFTs?

As the first VeeCon took place in May 2022, VeeFriends NFT holders will need to wait for their turn in the list of perks to make use of their tokens. Other than the next planned events and Gary Vee connection, VeeFriends have many exciting projects and ambitious goals in their pipeline, which can be seen on their official website.

Ending Remarks

VeeFriends NFTs is a high-volume project that is popular among business persons and ambitious entrepreneurs of the crypto world. In short, if you’re someone who’d like to get as close to Gary Vee as possible, VeeFriends might just be your go-to NFTs. 


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