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The Best Platform for DApps - EOS vs. Ethereum


Ethereum vs EOS

Ethereum and EOS are popular cryptocurrencies that offer numerous benefits to investors. Both are blockchain-based platforms mainly used for DApps (decentralized apps).

Ethereum is considered the second most popular currency that has the potential of staying around long-term. Many competitors are trying to beat it because of its potential to influence the market together with Bitcoin. One of such projects is EOS which many people consider an “Ethereum-killer”.


  1. EOS provides better scaling at an enterprise level.

  2. Both ETH and EOS are smart contract platforms, which makes them capable to run decentralized applications (DApps).

  3. It is essential to mention that EOS is one of the biggest competitors of Ethereum. To sum it up, there are many differences between both platforms, but some features are the same, so let us have a look at the details.


EOS was not created on the Ethereum blockchain and raised funds via a successful ICO (initial coin offering).

Speed of Transactions

Ethereum transactions are becoming popular recently due to increased DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects. People who use Ethereum use ETH gas to deliver transactions. EOS also supports DApps, but its speed is higher, and its prices are lower.

Target Market

Both platforms have basically the same target market and the same target audiences.

Which One is the Best?

There is no token like Ethereum, and it is the second-largest cryptocurrency, so it is not easy to beat it. On the other hand, EOS is aiming to establish itself as the ideal network for DApps, which would involve dethroning the current leader in the field, Ethereum. Overall, Ethereum has the upper hand, for the time being, however, EOS has the potential to overtake the smart contract giant in the long run.

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