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Crypto profit analysis: What returns should crypto traders aim for


Setting the correct expectations is vital for beginner and more advanced crypto traders alike, and it includes targeting realistic returns before actually starting with trades. As this can sometimes be challenging, we created a guideline below that showcases the aspects, numbers, and everything else you need to consider if you want to realistically determine and reach your profits.

Why presetting your goals is important

Coming up with specific numbers to reach is crucial for a multitude of things. First, it provides you the grounds to be consistent and actually reach the target. Second, it is proven that goals motivate you to work towards them much more if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound than those without these traits. Lastly, goals and milestones allow you to monitor your progress, which is essential for keeping yourself in check, or to adjust the targets if necessary. With that said, let’s see what results you should actually aim for when trading crypto assets.

What returns should crypto traders aim for

With a 0-$5,000 account: $70-$350 weekly

When you’re just getting started, every penny lost and gained contributes massively to your learning curve and trading practice, and will likely return multiple times in the long run. The $70-$350 a week breaks down to only $10-$50 a day, which means a 1% return depending on your actual fund and can be reached by 1-2 hours of daily dedication. Nonetheless, even if you don’t manage to reach this level, don’t beat yourself up, it can normally take a few weeks or months before you become consistent.

With a $5,000-$10,000 account: $350-$700 weekly

As your capital grows, so will your trading efficiency when profiting. The 1% gain will now mean $100 for a $10,000 account, and $50 for a $5,000 one, which is already in respectable territory. Don’t forget that as a beginner, you should definitely not put all your account into one single trade, but rather split up the value and allocate at most 10% for each position, with a stop loss of maximum 5% in the red, and a take profit of around 10% gain.

$10,000+ account: $800+ weekly

Now we’re getting into the heavyweight territory, where over $10,000 is available for trading. With this much, you can possibly reach $800, $1,000, or even much more on a weekly basis without dedicating more than 1-2 hours to crypto trading each day. The rules are the same, however: it tends to be best practice not to risk all on one or two trades, but split up the funds and mitigate the risks involved.

How to adjust your crypto trading target as you go

Adjusting your targets is one of the best ways of staying motivated long term, so doing it if need be is by all means recommended. The way to adjust your crypto trading target is simple, as you can see what you actually achieved on average over the past 14 days, and set that average as your new daily target for the upcoming two weeks.


Setting targets is great, but only if they are realistic. With this guideline, you should be able to get started with your crypto trading and manage to stay much more motivated as you see your targets reached, as well as your account growing towards the ultimate number you dreamed about.


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